Kitty Paper Lanterns – New for Okinawa Summer Festival ’18


Now available at the event, which opens today!  From left to right, there is a pack of 3 kitty lanterns with a black cat, a white cat, and a calico cat option. There is also a full-permission kitty lamp mesh kit if you want to design your own, and also available is a custom texture pack to celebrate summer!

Event Website:
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Sneak Peek – Mesh Mandalas!

Coming soon:  Highly detailed mesh mandalas, with included AO and UV maps!  Each mandala is roughly 2 LI when rezzed at 3 meters wide x 3 meters tall.

Twitter, Facebook, & Plurk Live Feed Mesh Displays

Released today: Twitter, Facebook, & Plurk Live Social Media Displays!


Each display kit is L$299 and comes with the full perm mesh display object, full permission UV and AO maps, and a Copy/Transfer copy of the scripts.  Click on one of the images to view the Marketplace listing!

Sneak Peek – Glitterbomb Textures!

Coming soon – high-resolution glitterbomb lacquered textures created with Second Life beauty products in mind.  The pack will contain original, hand-crafted metallic ombre bases with metallic glitter layered on top, edged to look like nail polish.  The pack will also contain seamless versions of the glitter on alpha / transparent backgrounds so you can use them on any base!

Expect to see these released later this week!

Released today! Mesh Planetary Lamp

An original mesh planetary lamp by Compilance Productions! Available in the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Earth with two different bases and with several texture options, the lamp is low land impact but high quality, very detailed, and true to life! Turn the light effect on and off and change texture/color options via the HUD.

Get it in the gacha machine at our Mainstore!

New Release! Chatty Pet Script

 Released today!  This script kit allows you to make any pet or other item talk! Just fill out the configuration notecard with your customized settings and messages (you can use text, emotes, or even sounds!) and then drop it with the script into an object and it will begin to talk for you! Usable for personal or business purposes!

Group members can pick up the kit at our main store in Second Life for 50% off!

Visit in Second Life | Visit the Marketplace

Sneak peek! Original mesh moonlight table lamp

Original mesh full moon lamp with different stands – click to view larger

Here’s something we’re working on for release very soon: a high-resolution, life-like, full moon lamp for your table, desk, or bedside!

At only 2 land impact, they’re perfect for any home, office, or storefront.  These will be available as a gatcha with HUD-driven options, lighting, and textures choices, and also as a full-permission mesh kit with the AO, UV, and normal maps.

Expect these to be released in early June, 2017.